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February 13, 2003

For More Information Contact:
Diane Gonzolas, Citizen Information Center, 441-7831
J.J. Yost, Parks and Recreation, 441-8255


Lincoln Mayor Don Wesely and the City Parks and Recreation Department will award grants from the Self-Help Program to 26 neighborhood associations and community organizations today, February 13, during the Mayor’s Neighborhood Roundtable meeting beginning at 4:30 p.m. in Room 113 at the County-City Building, 555 South 10th.

“The Self-Help Program is a great way to stretch our City funds, because volunteers provide the labor for these projects,” said Mayor Wesely. “The projects are an opportunity for people to get directly involved in their neighborhoods and to show the pride we all have in our outstanding parks system.”

Parks and Recreation Director Lynn Johnson said more than $55,000 in project requests were submitted for the $45,000 available through the Self-Help Program. “We are pleased with the ongoing interest and support in improving Lincoln’s parks,” Johnson said.

The Self-Help Program is funded through City general tax revenues and is approved by the City Council each year as part of the City budget process. The program typically provides for equipment and materials. Projects must be constructed on publicly owned property or involve programs available to the general public. The criteria for choosing which projects are funded include location, neighborhood support for the project and consistency with park plans.

The following groups received Self-Help Program funding for 2003:
Antelope Park Neighborhood
Arnold Heights Neighborhood Assn.
Bishop Heights Neighborhood Assn.
Clinton Neighborhood Org.
Colonial Hills Neighborhood Assn.
Eagle Scout Project-Troop 756
Folsom Children's Zoo
Friends and Family, Pansing Park
Friends of the Dog Parks
Highlands Neighborhood Assn.
Irvingdale Neighborhood
Lincoln Boxing Club
Lincoln Flying Disc Club
Lincoln Horseshoe Club
Near South Neighborhood Assn.
Near South Neighborhood Assn.
Near South Neighborhood Assn.
North Bottoms Neighborhood Assn.
Porter Ridge Neighborhood Assn.
Sheridan Blvd. Tree Project - East
South Salt Creek Association
Star City BMX
Vavrina Meadows Homeowners Assoc.
Vavrina Meadows Homeowners Assoc.
Veterans Memorial Garden Adv. Com.
Woods Park Neighborhood Assn.
Landscape materials
Drinking fountain
Picnic table, play equipment and trees
Play equipment
Concrete blocks
Play equipment
Fence materials
Basketball backboards
Boxing gym equipment
Pole holes
Trash receptacle for 19th and “A” Park
Shrub rose stock for Breta Park
Area light for Peach Park
Soccer goals
Evergreen tree
Mahoney Park BMX facility
Picnic table for Vavrina Park
Bench for Marlene Park
Design fees for new entrance
Trash receptacles and benches

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