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March 18, 2003

For More Information Contact:
Diane Gonzolas, Citizen Information Center, 441-7831
Nicole Fleck-Tooze, Public Works and Utilities, 441-6173

Voters to decide issue May 6

Mayor Don Wesely today discussed the Citys storm sewer drainage system and encouraged voters to become informed prior to voting on the $10 million storm sewer bond issue. The bond issue was placed on the May 6 general election ballot by the City Council. At current interest rates, the bond issue would cost the owner of a $110,000 home about $7.70 per year.

If approved, the bond issue would provide funds to help protect property from stormwater runoff when major rains occur, to improve water quality and to repair stream bank damage. The projects are identified in the Citys Storm Sewer Capital Improvement Program and are on a current priority list for storm drainage needs. The anticipated construction time for all of these projects is fall 2003 through 2005.

Passage of the bond issue would provide funds for:

  • The design and construction of 14 storm sewer drainage improvement projects -
  • 21st Street, C to K
  • 56th and Holdrege area
  • 12th Street, Charleston to Court streets
  • 28th and D to 33rd and Randolph
  • 66th Street, Ballard to Burlington
  • 1st Street, H to F
  • Sherwood and Somerset to 54th and Cleveland
  • Vine Street, 22nd to 27th streets
  • 39th and Calvert
  • Antelope Creek Basin - four projects between W and O streets
  • Miscellaneous projects at 39th and Starr; 4th and J/5th and H; 5th and Garfield; 17th and Washington
  • Four stream stabilization projects -
  • Dead Mans Run
  • Dead Mans Run tributary in Taylor Park
  • Dead Mans Run tributary in Herbert Park
  • Antelope Creek tributary in Memorial Park
  • Preliminary engineering to identify and prioritize urban drainage system deficiencies. This engineering evaluation would update 1966 and 1979 studies.
  • The implementation of Master Planned Basin projects in Beal Slough and the Southeast Upper Salt Creek basin including stream stability, flood control, easements and water quality projects. Funding would also be contributed to these projects by the Lower Platte South Natural Resources District.

City of Lincoln - Storm Sewer Bond Issues
1983 - $2.55 million passed
1986 - $6.815 million passed
1991 - $5.58 million passed
1995 - $4 million passed
1997 - $8.25 million passed
2001 - $7.5 million passed

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