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November 18, 2003

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Mayor Coleen J. Seng today signed a proclamation declaring this week as “Geographic Awareness Week” in the City. She is also inviting the public to attend an open house to celebrate “National GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Day” November 19.

The proclamation was presented this morning at East High School, 1000 South 70th Street. The GIS open house is set for 9 a.m to 3 p.m. Wednesday, November 19 in Room 113 at the County-City Building, 555 South 10th Street.

“GIS technology is now used throughout local government and has resulted in greater efficiency and better service,” said Mayor Seng. “The technology is now being used to solve crimes, to design roadways, to locate shopping areas and to find and protect environmentally sensitive areas.”

The open house will include demonstrations of how the GIS computer software is used and how information is gathered, prepared for analysis, evaluated and applied. Those attending will be shown how to view GIS information about their neighborhoods through the Internet.

Sponsors of the City-County open house are the offices of the County Assessor, County Engineer, City Public Works and Utilities Department, Lincoln Electric System, City Building and Safety Department, Lincoln Police Department, Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department and Lincoln-Lancaster County Planning Department.

Nationally, “Geography Awareness Week” and “GIS Day” are sponsored by the National Geographic Society.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in the City of Lincoln and Lancaster County Nebraska

  • The City of Lincoln and Lancaster County is one of the oldest computerized GIS operations in the State of Nebraska and in the mid-west region - began organizing a GIS program in the 1980's with the bulk of the expansion occurring during the 1990's.
  • The overall GIS network has received numerous awards from international, national and region groups for the superior quality of their data gather, maintenance and distribution system.
  • The consortium of GIS departments in the City and County were one of the first in to employ GPS technology in establishing the quality ground control points needed to development the system. This has been used in creating a GIS mapping foundation for the County's entire 846 mile area with in excess of 100,000 parcels.
  • Geographic information systems technology is currently used in well over a dozen City and County departments and agencies. Data attributes (i.e., pieces of information) across the numerous agencies is conservatively estimated in realm of several millions.
  • Several hundred staff have immediate access from their desktop to information contained in the GIS operation; in additional to numerous field staff who can view information remote handheld devices.
  • Examples of the types of applications that GIS is used for includes:
    • Crime analysis by the Lincoln Police Department
    • Inventory and management of infrastructure by Public Works and Utilities
    • Epidemiological analysis (i.e., disease control evaluation) by the Lincoln- Lancaster County Health department
    • Building permit inspection management by the Build and Safety Department
    • Dispatching of emergency service vehicles by the 911 Call Center
    • Work flow for restoring electrical services and storm clean up by the Lincoln Electric System following massive 1998 snow storm
    • Recording of land subdivision and plats by the County Engineers Office
    • Determination of land and structure values by the Lancaster County Assessor's Office
    • Student enrollment allocations and district boundaries by the Lincoln Public Schools
    • Control of noxious weeds by County Week Program
    • Capital improvement programming among all city departments
    • Long range comprehensive plan analysis by the City-County Planning Department

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