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January 5, 2004
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Mayor Forms Street Finance Committee

Mayor Coleen J. Seng today announced formation of the Streets, Roads and Trails Committee to work toward a consensus on how to finance streets in existing and new areas of Lincoln.

The City Council approved some new measures last August to help meet the need for water and sewer construction and maintenance. The Council also acted to close part, but not all, of the financing gap on streets. The new committee will build on the work done by last year’s Infrastructure Finance Committee in examining funding possibilities.

“Infrastructure is one of the most important issues affecting our community’s growth and quality of life,” Seng said. “The basic work was done by the original committee last year. The new committee’s members and I will be working closely with the City Council to complete the task.”

On Monday, January 5, the City Council held a hearing on issuing bonds backed by Lincoln’s portion of the state gas tax as one more step toward meeting the community’s street construction needs. As one possible funding mechanism, Seng said she will encourage the new committee and the City Council to look again at sending a bond issue to the voters, especially in light of continued low interest rates and Lincoln’s “triple-A” bond rating.

“Lincoln should not miss the opportunity to issue bonds before interest rates begin to rise,” Seng said.

The new committee will be chaired by the same three people who led the Infrastructure Finance Committee. The tri-chairs of the new committee are Brad Korell of Wells Fargo Bank in Lincoln; Jan Gauger, former Lancaster County Commissioner and owner of One More Time Consignment Sales; and Russ Bayer, past chair of the Lincoln-Lancaster County Planning Commission and co-owner of Data Support Systems.

The committee members are Larry Zink, Bruce Wright, Roger Severin, Kent Seacrest, Doug Rotthaus, Richard Meginnis, Gates Minnick Polly McMullen, Dan Marvin, Mark Hunzeker, Mark Hesser, Bob Hampton, Bill Giovanni, Jim Fram, Clint Burge, Carol Brown and Jennifer Brinkman.

The Mayor said the tri-chairs have been working diligently with her to prepare for the new committee’s first meeting later this week.

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