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2004 Media Releases

January 29, 2004
For More Information Contact:
Diane Gonzolas, Citizen Information Center, 441-7831
Doug Thomas, Manager, Information Services, 441-7471

Computer Virus Spreading Using Name "City of Lincoln"

The City’s Information Services Division has been notified that a computer virus is being spread through e-mail initiated by an unknown individual using the name “The City of Lincoln.” Doug Thomas, Manager for the City’s Information Services Division, said this is not the “Mydoom” worm that made national news earlier this week, but it is a variation of the “INOR” virus. The e-mail containing the virus reads:

Internet Billing Notice
Please press “open” and read the attached Billing Notice

Note: if you do not read this within 24 hours, we at regret to inform you we will have to suspend internet service.

Information Services is advising computer-users NOT to open this attachment, which may introduce a virus. The City is not an ISP (Internet Service Provider), so most receiving this e-mail have probably already identified it as lacking in authenticity and, potentially, a virus-carrier.

The virus is explained in detail on Symantec’s website.

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