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2004 Media Releases

June 21, 2004
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Mayor Names City Council Compensation Committee

As directed by the voters, Mayor Coleen J. Seng today announced formation of the City Council Compensation Committee to review salary levels of the Lincoln City Council.

On May 11, 2004, the voters of Lincoln approved by a 62 percent margin a City Charter amendment directing that a Mayoral committee be established to review and make a recommendation on the compensation for the Lincoln City Council.

The ballot provision stated that:
"An independent committee of citizens with expertise in business, legal, government, and personnel matters, appointed by the mayor shall make a recommendation as to the appropriate salary of the city council members, including benefits, and to further provide that such recommendation may be approved as part of the annual budget resolution, provided that no change in salary shall take effect until after the succeeding city general election."

Mayor Seng appointed the following individuals:

  • Bill Austin, local attorney and a former Lincoln City Attorney
  • Bruce Currin, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Georgia Glass, private personnel professional and former Director of the City-County Personnel Department
  • Jim Hewitt, local attorney and businessperson
  • Roger Larson, local businessperson and current member of the City-County Planning Commission
  • Gates Minnick, local businessperson and former member of the City Council
  • Linda Wilson, Lincoln resident, current member of the Public Building Commission and former member of the City Council

The committee is asked to complete its review and make a recommendation by July 30th. Any change recommended by the committee would not take effect until after May 2005. The City Council members are currently paid $12,000 annually.

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