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2004 Media Releases

June 24, 2004
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Mayor Accepts Report Of Streets, Roads and Trails Committee

Mayor Coleen J. Seng today accepted the report of the Advisory Committee for Streets Roads and Trails (SRT) on funding future street improvements and construction. The Committee recently held five forums throughout the City where citizens learned about funding options and expressed their preferences.

Mayor Seng thanked the chairpersons of the Committee – Russ Bayer, Jan Gauger, Brad Korell and Dan Marvin – and the other Committee members for their hard work on behalf of the citizens of Lincoln.

“I hope people realize the long hours they have volunteered over the past seven months and tremendous amount of personal time they committed to this effort,” Mayor Seng said. “We are very fortunate to have very community-minded and public-spirited people who are willing to step forward and do their part to make Lincoln such a wonderful place to live.

“I also need to thank the hundreds of Lincoln residents who participated in the Community Solutions forums or visited the Web site. The public involvement on this issue was most unique in comparison to many other communities. This wasn’t a conversation of elected officials in closed door meetings. This wasn’t a decision made by power brokers and people with money. This was a decision made by the community for the benefit of all who want a future Lincoln that is as prosperous as our current one.

“Compromise and consensus are not easy when you involve as many people as participated in the Build Lincoln’s Future campaign. I honestly believe that years from now, after the streets are built, we will share a great sense of pride in having found the consensus that has allowed our children and their children to enjoy an even better Lincoln, Nebraska than the one we inherited. I thank you and congratulate you all.

“We still have a journey ahead. This document identifies the options for our community to deal with the challenges of building streets. We still have to show the resolve and commitment to actually select from the options and proceed to build the streets.

“The first step is mine. As I am putting the final touches on next year’s City budget, I will review the work of the SRT Committee. On Monday, I deliver the State of the City message. As part of that, I will announce how we will present the options to the Council for their consideration. The Council has followed closely this community solution process, and I am confident we can achieve consensus and move forward in a timely manner. I look forward to leading the charge to Build Lincoln’s Future.”

The report of the Streets, Roads and Trails Committee will be available on the City Web site at

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