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2004 Media Releases

July 2, 2004
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Mayor Rededicates Lincoln Mall

Mayor Coleen J. Seng today rededicated Lincoln Mall from the State Capitol at 14th Street to the City-County Government Center on 10th Street. The development of One Landmark Centre on the Mall between 10th and 11th streets was the impetus for the renovation project, which includes four new bus shelters, sidewalk improvements, landscaped medians, new benches and trash receptacles and raised planters.

"Lincoln Mall is a wonderful tribute to Abraham Lincoln for whom our City is named," said Mayor Seng. The recent improvements on the Mall include quotes from President Lincoln on planters and in bus shelters. I encourage residents and visitors to enjoy a walk from "The Gettysburg Lincoln" at 14th Street to "The Rail Joiner" at 10th Street and re-discover this beautiful part of our Capital City."

The original City plan of 1867 called for wide streets leading up to the Capitol, and the designer of the Capitol also envisioned the streets as boulevards. The Lincoln Mall was originally developed in 1983. It was designed by the late Larry Enersen, founder of the Clark Enersen Partners, the architectural firm which designed the renovation project.

The renovation project cost $800,000 and was funded through the tax increment financing generated from One Landmark Centre.

Participating in the rededication ceremony were Jim Abel of NEBCO, owner of One Landmark Centre and Two Landmark Centre, both on Lincoln Mall; Dennis Scheer of the Clark Enersen Partners; and Jeff Searcy, Chairman of the Capital Environs Commission. The Commission is a joint City of Lincoln - State of Nebraska body that sets design guidelines for changes in the area around the State Capitol Building.

Planters at the intersection of Lincoln Mall and 11th Street carry a well-known quote from Lincoln’s second inaugural address. At the ceremony, Mayor Seng unveiled the planter which reads, “...let us strive on to finish the work we are in....” The nearby bus shelter carries a Rosa Parks quote on the front: “No, the only tired I was, was tired of giving in.” On the back of the shelter is a quote from Lincoln’s Gettysburg address: “...a new nation conceived of liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.”

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