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2004 Media Releases

September 13, 2004
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Mayor Names Citizen Street and Trail Bond Audit Review Committee

Mayor Coleen Seng today announced names of the Citizen Street and Trail Bond Audit Review Committee, which would review audits of the $75 million if the upcoming bond issues passes to ensure the funds are spent on the intended projects.

"I was very pleased that so many knowledgeable and sincere residents indicated an interest in serving on this important committee," Mayor Seng said. "The people on this committee will do an excellent job for the community."

The committee members would be:

Andrew "Skip" Hove Jr., retired Vice-Chairman, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC);
Dawn Rockey, Vice President for Cash Management, First National Bank and former Nebraska State Treasurer;
Michael J. Tavlin, Chief Financial Officer, Speedway Motors and Speedway Properties;
Carl Sjulin, President, West Gate Bank;
Dan Marvin, co-chair of the Street, Roads & Trails Committee and Planning Commission Member;
Linda Wilson, former City Council member;
Annette McRoy, Lincoln City Council.

On Tuesday, September 14, residents will vote on a bond proposal that would provide $75 million to construct streets and trails in Lincoln. The projects would be under construction by 2007. At least $70 million would be spent on street and road projects and $2.75 million would be designated for trail projects. The remaining $1.5 million would be available for sidewalk construction, but also could be spent on streets if other funds are used for sidewalks.

The citizen committee would review independent audits of the bond proceeds to ensure the funds are spent on the projects that have been announced and not used for any other purpose, Mayor Seng said. The committee would meet at least once a year.

The Streets, Roads and Trails Committee had extensive public involvement. Seng said it is important to continue this open process by creating this Citizen Street Bond Audit Review Committee. Seng noted that infrastructure is one of the most important issues affecting our community's growth and quality of life.

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