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2004 Media Releases

September 23, 2004
For More Information Contact:
Sandy Rupp, United Way, 441-7700
Robyn Henderson, CSI Project Manager, 472-0501
Bonnie Coffey, Early Care and Education Coalition, 441-7716
Dave Norris, Citizen Information Center, 441-7547

Lincoln and Lancaster County Awarded “Success by 6” License by United Way

Mayor Coleen Seng, along with representatives of the Lincoln-Lancaster County United Way and the Community Services Initiative (CSI), today announced the awarding of the “Success by 6" license from United Way of America. This certification will advance and enhance early care and education for young children in Lincoln and Lancaster County.

This effort, endorsed by both Lancaster County and the City of Lincoln, as well as the Early Childhood Coalition of Community Services Initiative, ensures a coordinated effort to improve the quality of life for young children.

“I want to thank the United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County and everyone involved with the Early Childhood Coalition of Community Services Initiative for all of their diligence and hard work that went in to our city and county receiving this distinction, ” said Mayor Seng. “Our children are our future and with the help of the United Way, we are doing everything in our power to give them the tools necessary and the system of advocacy they need to be successful in their early years. ‘Success by 6®’ will create effective solutions that will help all children succeed in our community. ”

United Way “Success by 6” is a national, community-based movement of public and private partners that work together to deliver proven solutions that ensure all children, ages zero to six, are healthy, nurtured and ready to succeed.

“This is United Way at its best, ” said Sandy Rupp, Executive Director for the Lincoln and Lancaster County United Way. “Finding solutions to problems by working with other quality organizations in a collaborative effort is what the United Way is all about. ”

The Early Childhood Coalition has an action plan that the “Success by 6” designation will help bring to fruition. Steps of that action plan include:

  • A community education effort to emphasize the importance of early brain development.
  • Work to support the professionals who are involved the early care and education.
  • Encourage involvement of the business community to understand and support early care and education.
  • Work on increasing the numbers of early care and education who achieve national accreditation.
  • Plan a community-wide summit on early care and education and youth development.
  • Produce a "return on investment" report on the value of early care and education as an industry in our community and the long-term return on investment in quality early care and education.

By attaining the license, the Early Care and Education Coalition of CSI will become “Success by 6”, providing an umbrella for its strategic plan and providing a platform for impacting the public and private environment for leveraged resources and maximum results.

Information on CSI and the Early Care group may be found at www.csip.nebraska.unl or by calling 402-472-2747.

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