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November 4, 2004
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Enforcement Of Smoking Ban To Begin January 1

Mayor Coleen J. Seng today said the City will begin enforcement of the voter-approved smoking ban on January 1, 2005.

In last Tuesday’s general election, 62 percent of Lincoln voters approved the city-wide smoking ban ordinance. The ordinance will go into effect when the election is certified by the Lancaster County Election Commissioner later this month. Normally, enactment and enforcement of a new ordinance begins 15 days after City Council approval. In the case of an election, the Mayor has latitude on when enforcement of the ordinance begins, according to the City Attorney.

“With a January 1st start date, we will begin the new year with this new ordinance as a smoke-free community,” said Mayor Seng. “The January 1st start date will be easy for everyone to remember and also allows the places of employment and public places about one month after the election is certified to prepare before the enforcement of the smoking ban begins.”

The Mayor said this will be a major change in Lincoln. The smoking ban ordinance applies to all indoor places of employment and public places. Employers, employees and residents who have questions about the smoking ban ordinance can contact the Lincoln Lancaster County Department’s Health Promotion and Outreach Division at 441-6225.

The smoking ban ordinance is available for viewing or printing on the home page of the City of Lincoln Web site at

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