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2006 Media Releases

January 26, 2006
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“I am very pleased to celebrate the expansion of Novartis,” said Mayor Coleen J. Seng on the announcement by Novartis that it will expand its plant and add 100 professional jobs. Mayor Seng is co-chair of the Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development. “I am especially pleased that this manufacturing expansion signals the firm’s commitment to Lincoln as a great place to do business.” Lincoln provides water and wastewater services to the Novartis plant.

“Novartis recognizes the power of the ‘L’ Factor,” said Seng. “We have already had conversations with Novartis about their needs, and I am committed to helping them continue to add jobs and expand here. The Lincoln area truly is the ‘community of opportunity.’ Lincoln is a vibrant, exciting city with good services, great schools, clean air and a low crime rate. The quality of life and the quality of our workforce are second to none. Novartis has been a good corporate citizen for more than 40 years in Lincoln. We welcome the addition of about 100 new professional scientific and manufacturing jobs at the plant.

“I continue to encourage everyone to boast about Lincoln and Lancaster County every day because we have a lot to be proud of. Lincoln ranks high on the Forbes magazine list of places for business and high on the Expansion Magazine list of best places in the U.S. to locate a company.”

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