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2006 Media Releases

March 30, 2006
For More Information Contact:
Diane Gonzolas, Citizen Information Center, 441-7831
Chief Mike Spadt, Lincoln Fire and Rescue, 441-7363


Mayor Coleen J. Seng today announced plans to relocate Fire Station #11 to better serve the Arnold Heights neighborhood and business industrial park in northwest Lincoln. The move from inside the Lincoln Airport security fence at 3401 N.W. Luke to N.W. 46th and West Mathis streets will reduce response times by two to three minutes. The Lincoln Airport Authority has encouraged the relocation of the fire station to outside of the secured fence.

“Because the station is on airport property, crews must pass through fenced security check points when responding,” said Mayor Seng. “By moving the station just a few blocks, response times will improve, and the neighborhood and business areas will be better protected. Lincoln Fire and Rescue and the Lincoln Airport Authority worked cooperatively to relocate the Fire Station outside the fence.”

Fire Station #11 was originally located on the airport runway tarmac because it previously provided crash and fire rescue service at the airport. The federal government took over that responsibility about seven years ago, and the Air National Guard now provides the airport with fire protection. The new location at N.W. 46th and West Mathis streets also is owned by the Airport Authority, which will construct a new fire facility at the site. Lincoln Fire and Rescue plans to enter into a long-term lease agreement for the property. No additional personnel or equipment will be needed for the new facility.

“The Arnold Heights area is growing,” said Mayor Seng. “With the increased number of homes and the airport having federal fire protection, this relocation closer to the residential area increases safety and makes long-term financial sense.”

“Our goal all along has been to provide shorter response times to Arnold Heights residents,” said Fire Chief Mike Spadt. “This plan accomplishes that in a economical way for the City.”

A timeline for moving the station would be developed following City Council approval of the proposal.

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