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2006 Media Releases

April 10, 2006
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In response to the EMS report released today by Councilman Jon Camp, Mayor Seng said, “The fact is that the federal government pays only about 55 percent of its bill to transport Medicare patients. This situation has put ambulance service in Lincoln and many other communities in the position of subsidizing the federal government and in a financial bind. This is not fair to the City, and it is costing Lincoln taxpayers money.

“I appreciate the effort put forward by Mr. Camp’s committee to examine our City’s emergency medical services system. City staff contributed hours of time preparing information, which the committee analyzed. Portions of the report will be helpful, such as the suggested changes on billing. However, some of the committee’s recommendations, such as the proposed rate increases, need further scrutiny.

“The citizens of Lincoln expect and deserve quick response time and a high quality of care from our ambulance service, and those are my top priorities. I am concerned that some of the operational proposals might cost more, slow response times and decrease the quality of care.

“I look forward to seeing which of the committee’s proposals Mr. Camp will bring forward for further consideration. Our goal continues to be an effective and efficient ambulance service.”

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