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2006 Media Releases

July 3, 2006
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Diane Gonzolas, Citizen Information Center, 441-7831


“I hope to see many area residents at Oak Lake Park for the City’s official 4th of July Celebration – the “Uncle Sam Jam” featuring Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra and the big fireworks show. I also urge everyone to make sure this is a safe Independence Day, with no injuries from fireworks or traffic accidents.

“As we have fun with family and friends, it’s important to remember why we are celebrating. The United States began 230 years ago with a dream of freedom and equality. The founders of our country risked their very lives to create this great democracy. As we celebrate our nation’s birthday, please remember to support and think of the men and women in the military who are now risking their lives for the cause of freedom around the world. I urge all citizens to fly their flags proudly and give thanks that we live in this great city in the greatest country on earth.”

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