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August 7, 2006
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Water officials will continue to monitor usage and Platte River flows

Mayor Coleen J. Seng announced today that the City will not implement mandatory outdoor watering restrictions at this time. She thanked business and residential water customers for following the voluntary outdoor watering restrictions and strongly urged the community to continue practicing water conservation.

Property owners with street addresses ending in even numbers (including zero) are asked to limit outdoor water use to Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Those with addresses ending in odd numbers are asked to limit outdoor watering to Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Mondays are “no watering” days. Gardening experts advise that watering lawns once per week is generally adequate.

Mayor Seng said mandatory restrictions are not needed at this time for several reasons. Rain in the area over the weekend led to increased flows and recharge in the Platte River, where Lincoln’s wells are located. The rain, cooler temperatures and voluntary compliance with the restrictions resulted in a drop in water usage from about 70 million gallons on August 3 to about 50 million gallons August 5.

“I am very pleased that we do not need to impose mandatory restrictions at this time,” said Mayor Seng. “We appreciate the cooperation of all those customers who are following the designated day schedule. We will continue to monitor Platte River levels and daily usage and will provide the public with plenty of advance notice if the situation changes.”

The public can track daily water usage on the City Web site at (keyword: water). The site also includes suggestions for water conservation, the City’s Water Management Plan and water rates. LWS water rates are structured to encourage conservation -- those who use more water are charged a higher rate.

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