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August 24, 2006
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Mayor Coleen J. Seng and the City Law Department announced today that E-One, the manufacturer of the City’s five new fire trucks, will retrofit the fire trucks at no expense to the City to correct items that did not meet City specification. Once the vehicles are brought into compliance, the City will calculate the liquidated damages and seek payment of the amount calculated. The Law Department negotiated the agreement during meetings with E-One and EDM, Inc., a Lincoln truck dealer, about deficiencies with the new trucks.

The deficiencies were identified last month after Mayor Seng directed a team of City employees to inspect the five trucks the City had in its possession. The report identified 52 items that did not appear to meet the City specifications. Some were minor, but others were major, such as the number of cross members, which provide stability for the frames of the trucks.

The city has resolved the majority of the 52 item in dispute. Of the major items, E-One has agreed to fix the following serious deviations:

  • The trucks have only four cross members, rather than the seven ordered. E-One has agreed to engineer two additional cross members, and the City accepts that the engine bracket is heavier and stronger than normal and should serve as a cross member.
  • The double frame lining, which was short of the complete double framing ordered, will be extended one foot beyond the front axle by the manufacturer. Front axles which have an incorrect weight load will be fixed.
  • Pending documentation, the City will accept the 200-inch wheel base because the manufacturer has demonstrated that the front axle configurations were modified to exceed the turning radius specified by the City.
  • The hose discharges that were smaller than ordered will be changed to meet the specifications.
  • The fire pumps are mounted directly on the frame rather than independently mounted. E-One has agreed to replace the pump at E-One’s cost if the pump ever fails.

Mayor Seng said the Lincoln Police Department continues its investigation into whether any laws were violated, and the City-County Personnel Department continue its investigation into whether any personnel rules were violated. Last week, the Mayor announced that the City has contracted with Talent Plus, a global human resources consulting firm based in Lincoln, to conduct a management assessment of the Lincoln Fire and Rescue Department.

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