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September 11, 2006
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Mayor Coleen J. Seng today presented the Mayor’s Award of Excellence for August to Public Health Nurse Ruth Shubert of the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department. The monthly award recognizes City employees who consistently provide exemplary service and work that demonstrates personal commitment to the City. The award was presented at the beginning of today’s City Council meeting.

Shubert has worked for the City since 1993. She was nominated in the category of valor by Andrea Mason, Public Health Nursing Supervisor, because of the quick, lifesaving decision-making skills she showed during a recent home visit.

Shubert was visiting a 20-year-old mother and her infant son, who had been delivered prematurely. The infant was gaining weight slowly, so a public health nurse was visiting every few days. On one visit, the mother reported that the baby was sick and that they had visited the emergency room. They had a return appointment scheduled with the baby’s physician later that afternoon, but the mother did not believe that the baby was in severe distress at the time.

When Shubert examined the baby, she found that the infant was very pale and cool to the touch with a blue tint around the lips. The soft spots on the baby’s head also were sunken. She advised the family to go directly to the emergency room and helped dress the family’s toddler while the parents got ready. She contacted the physician’s office and told them the family was on the way to the emergency room. The baby “coded” in the emergency room and was life-flighted to Children’s Hospital in Omaha. The diagnosis was a respiratory viral infection with respiratory failure.

Just one week later, the baby was able to return home, completely healthy and medication-free. The baby had even gained one pound. When the family returned home, the father greeted Shubert at the door, expressing the family’s gratitude. In her nomination, Mason wrote, “Surely, had it not been for Ruth’s nursing assessment and quick actions to bring this family to emergency medical care, this baby would not have survived.”

The other categories in which employees can be nominated are customer relations, loss prevention, safety and productivity. All City employees are eligible for the Mayor’s Award of Excellence except for elected officials and some managers. Individuals or teams can be nominated by supervisors, peers, subordinates and the general public.

Nomination forms are available from department heads, employee bulletin boards or the Personnel Department, which oversees the awards program. All nominations are reviewed by the Mayor’s Award of Excellence Committee, which includes a representative with each union and a non-union representative appointed by the Mayor. Award winners receive a $100 U.S. savings bond, a day off with pay and a plaque. Monthly winners are eligible to receive the annual award, which comes with a $500 U.S. savings bond, two days off with pay and a plaque.

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