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2006 Media Releases

November 2, 2006
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Senator Nelson and Congressman Fortenberry will attend opening ceremony

Mayor Coleen J. Seng has announced that the south leg of the Antelope Valley elevated overpass near the Devaney Center will open to traffic Friday, November 3. The road will be opened immediately after a 9 a.m. ceremony at the site. The north and west legs of the overpass opened August 16.

“This elevated roadway is a key piece of the Antelope Valley transportation improvements,” said Mayor Seng. “The federal earmarks we have received to help fund this project are most important and appropriate, as a local-federal partnership is necessary to remove this area from the floodplain.” Since the project began, the Antelope Valley project has received more than $35 million in federal earmarked funds for construction of transportation improvements alone.

“It is appropriate that we open this important roadway just before homecoming for the University of Nebraska - Lincoln,” said Seng. “UNL is one of the City’s partners in the project and will see major benefits from the improvements.”

In addition to Mayor Seng, speakers at the ceremony will include U.S. Senator Ben Nelson; U.S. Representative Jeff Fortenberry; Christine Jackson, UNL Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance; and Glenn Johnson, General Manager of the Lower Platte South Natural Resources District, the third partner in the Antelope Valley Project.

The south leg will end at “X” Street until more construction is completed. The south leg will eventually extend to “K” and “L” streets at South 19th Street. Construction is scheduled to begin on the final east leg of the elevated roadway in 2008.

In addition to traffic improvements, the Antelope Valley Project includes flood control and community revitalization. More than six miles of new roadways and 12 new bridges eventually will be built. A new open waterway will remove the flooding threat from many homes and businesses and many acres of UNL property. These improvements are expected to spur private and public investment and create jobs in the core of the City.

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