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January 5, 2009
For More Information Contact:
Nancy Furman, Pioneers Park Nature Center, 441-8709


Local artists and teachers are invited to participate in a rain barrel art project to benefit the Pioneers Park Nature Center. The project is sponsored by the Friends of Pioneers Park Nature Center and the Watershed Management Division of the City Public Works and Utilities Department. A total of 25 artists will be chosen to paint rain barrels, which will be auctioned to the public in May. Rain barrels are above-ground containers modified to receive, store and distribute rooftop runoff for non-drinking uses.

“Using rain barrels is a great way to save water for dry spells, reduce runoff and stormwater pollution and cut your water bills during hot weather,” said Nancy Furman, Nature Center Coordinator. “This art project is a fun way to educate the community about these benefits and to promote other ways we all can help protect our environment.”

Applications must be submitted by January 30. They are available on the City Web site, (keyword: rain barrel); at the Pioneers Park Nature Center office, 2740 “A” St.; and at the City Watershed Management office, 901 N. 6th St. Applicants are required to submit a short summary of their intended designs. Teachers applying for their classes are required to submit a short description of how they plan to use the rain barrel project as a teaching tool.

The Friends organization will select the 25 artists and notify them by February 6. The artists will have four weeks to paint and return the barrels along with the title of the work, the artist’s bio and a written description. Decorated rain barrels will be on display for about two months at local businesses and libraries. All rain barrels will be on display April 18 at the Nature Center at “Nature’s Market,” a special event conducted by the Friends organization. Photos of the barrels also will be posted on the City Web site, and visitors will be able to vote for their favorite.

For more information, contact Watershed Management at 441-7075, the Pioneers Park Nature Center at 441-8709 or visit

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