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February 20, 2009
For More Information Contact:
Jon Carlson, Stronger Safer Neighborhoods, 441-7224


More than 100 people representing 22 Lincoln public schools will attend a Neighborhood Summit from 8 to 11:30 a.m. Saturday, February 21 at Everett Elementary School, 1123 "C" St. The summit is intended to strengthen school connections with neighborhoods and create action steps to improve the community. The summit is a joint project of Community Learning Centers (CLC) and Mayor Chris Beutler's Stronger Safer Neighborhood Initiative.

Jon Carlson, Mayoral Aide and Stronger Safer Neighborhoods Manager, said the summit grew out of the working partnership with CLCs and schools. "Strong schools are critical for strong neighborhoods," said Carlson. "We have been coordinating our revitalization efforts with schools and the broader efforts of the CLCs to improve student learning and development, strengthen families and create healthier neighborhoods."

Carlson said the Neighborhood Summit will provide information about on-going community improvement resources and activities. Breakout groups will create action steps for each of the 22 groups. The goal is for the groups representing the schools to develop improvement activities tailored for their specific neighborhoods.

"One of the CLCs' main goals is to strengthen neighborhoods," said Cathie Petsch, Co-Coordinator of the CLC initiative. "The 22 CLC schools will team up with neighborhood families, businesses, churches and residents to form School Neighborhood Advisory Committees (SNAC) that will work to improve their neighborhoods."

A SNAC includes parents, youth, neighborhood residents, educators, community-based organizations, businesses and service providers. Each CLC site or pair of sites has a SNAC, which is responsible for planning assistance, communication and oversight. Petsch said SNACs reflect the uniqueness and diversity of each school and its surrounding neighborhood.

The Stronger Safer Neighborhoods Initiative will help the CLC SNACs implement their plans. The activities developed at the summit could include neighborhood clean-ups, school landscaping, crime watch and paint-a-thons. "We want residents to choose the improvements that will work best for them," Carlson said. "Our goal is to help strengthen the people and things that make neighborhoods special places to live, work and go to school."

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