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April 3, 2009
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"This has been a good news - bad news kind of day for Lincoln. We started with news that Forbes Magazine named Lincoln as the top metropolitan area in the Midwest for business and careers. Our national ranking has gone from 18th last year to 5th this year.

"Then early this afternoon, we received word that our State Volleyball tournament, which has been in Lincoln for nearly three decades will be going to Grand Island for the 2010 and 2011 seasons. One NSAA Board Member cited Lincoln's lack of movement toward a new arena as a factor.

"Of course we are disappointed in the NSAA's decision. But more than that, this decision should strengthen this community's resolve to make the West Haymarket project a reality.

"Today's action makes it crystal clear that every year we wait, we cost the community millions of dollars in revenue - revenue that we can use to keep our community strong and position us for future success.

"Our reasons for postponing the planned spring vote on the arena were sound. It was and is more prudent to wait until the national economy turns around. It is in our best interest to wait until ISG is able to make a decision on partnering with us on the project.

"At the same time, Lincoln has continued to move forward on planning for the West Haymarket Project. Today's NSAA decision underscores the importance of those efforts. Lincoln Nebraska needs a new arena to replace Pershing. We are in the best position of any City in the Midwest to take on a project of this scope. We must take action as soon as it becomes economically feasible. And we need community support to make that happen."

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