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June 4, 2009
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Chris Beutler announced today that he is signing an executive order directing City employees to fly from the Lincoln Airport on business trips unless the fare differential is $100 or more by using an alternate airport. The Mayor make the announcement in conjunction with the beginning of Delta service from the local airport to hubs in Atlanta and Salt Lake City.

"The more we use the Lincoln airport, the more choices we will get," Beutler said. "I believe Lincoln City government should set an example in this area. I would encourage our private sector businesses to consider adopting a similar policy as well."

Because of tight budgets, City employees are allowed to take business trips only if they are judged essential or if expenses are covered by non-City funds. The Mayor said flying from Lincoln often is the best value when you consider the travel time, mileage and parking issues associated with using another airport.

"Flying from our own airport whenever possible is an investment in our community," Beutler said. "Having strong air service to and from a community is important to attracting and retaining businesses and for tourism."

The executive order also allows City employees to fly from alternate airports if flying from Lincoln creates scheduling issues that result in additional lodging expenses or significant lost time.

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