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August 14, 2009
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City-County Employees Make 2009 Food Bank Drive A Success

Mayor Chris Beutler and Lancaster County Commission Chair Bernie Heier today commended City and County employees for donating more than 15,460 pounds of food and personal items and $12,570 to the Food Bank for Lincoln. Food Bank Director Scott Young said the annual City-County Food Bank Drive is a key part of the annual Campaign Against Hunger.

"The Campaign Against Hunger is our largest food drive of the year," said Young. "The City and County employees are one of our anchors for the whole drive. They always demonstrate great leadership, energy and enthusiasm for reaching out to their fellow citizens with a great effort for the Food Bank. Their work will feed hundreds of families and individuals at a time when the need is greater than ever."

"We see more participation in our food bank drive every year," said co-campaign coordinators Larry Williams and Minette Genuchi in a joint statement. "We have outstanding support from department directors and elected officials and a great network of department coordinators and volunteers. Attendance at our Food Bank Picnic was up, and we believe we set a new record in the total amount of food and money collected. It was a great effort across the board for a tremendous cause."

Williams and Genuchi said a great example of effort was in the Engineering Services Division of the City Public Works and Utilities Department. About 200 division employees collected more than 6,600 pounds of food and more than $1,500 in cash.

Results from other departments and divisions include the following:

More information on the Food Bank of Lincoln is available by calling 466-8170 or visiting

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