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October 19, 2009
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Scott Opfer, Public Works and Utilities, 441-7851

City Prepared For Winter Weather

City Public Works and Utilities officials today told the City Council they are ready to handle more snow and ice with about $4.5 million available for future snow operations this winter. With funds remaining from last winter and newly budgeted amounts, the City had about $4.58 million available, and has used about $75,000 so far.

Street and Traffic Operations Manager Scott Opfer said Lincoln now has 2,700 lane miles of streets, and the City is divided into 19 routes for snow removal and material spreading operations. He said keeping major arterial streets and snow emergency routes cleared is the first priority during a storm. "The public can help a great deal by keeping their vehicles off the streets, staying home if possible and driving with caution if they do need to be out," Opfer said

The City can issue two types of snow removal parking bans:

Those living in cul-de-sacs are asked to move vehicles off the street when the even residential parking ban begins and to keep cars off the street until the area has been plowed. Specialized equipment is used in cul-de-sacs because regular plows are too large to maneuver well.

Public Works will continue to be proactive by applying anti-icing materials. Opfer said the mixture of salt and water acts like a "Teflon coating" to help minimize frost build-up and the development of "black ice" on streets and bridges. The material application also makes removal of snow and ice build-up easier.

The City reminds residents that it is illegal to push or blow snow into or on any street, alley or sidewalk When clearing sidewalks, residents should also clear wheelchair ramps, curb cuts and access to fire hydrants. Information on snow operations will be available from local media, City cable channels 5 and 10, the City Web site ( and the Windstream phone directory.

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