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January 21, 2010
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Survey Results Show High Resident Satisfaction

Mayor Chris Beutler said respondents to the recent citizen satisfaction survey gave the City high marks for the basics that create a livable community. The Mayor today released the complete results of a scientific phone survey of 600 randomly selected residents conducted in December. Those results are available on the city Web site at

Lincoln residents love their parks and libraries and appreciate the services they provide," Beutler said. "They give good marks to City government services, even the ones that traditionally cause the most angst such as snow plowing and street maintenance. They generally have faith that City Hall makes the right choices and provides good value for their tax dollar.

Survey results announced earlier included the following:

The new figures released today include the following positive figures:

At the same time, the Mayor said the respondents satisfaction with most services does not blind them to the challenges facing the City. "While the results of this survey were overwhelmingly positive, they do point to some areas on which citizens want us to continue to make progress," he said. "This is exactly the information we need to make City government a more performance-based organization."

Survey respondents split over the question of whether City leaders put the City's interests ahead of their own. "While we need to dig deeper on this result, my initial thought is that City Hall must carefully scrutinize our ethics laws and conflict of interest rules to make sure we are not giving our citizens the wrong impression of our intentions." Beutler said.

The Mayor said he also is concerned that 45 percent of respondent disagreed that the City treats all neighborhood fairly and equally. "My Administration views a weakness in one area of the City as a weakness that must be addressed for all of us, he said. "We are one Lincoln, committed to each other, and I will work with my colleagues on the Council to make sure we stay that way."

Overall, Beutler said, "People who live here recognize what the many national rankings have been saying: Lincoln is doing better than most and is poised for even bigger and better economic gains. And they are prepared to tell others about the livability of our City - that is a key in Lincoln's drive to develop a reputation as a world-class city that provides a high quality of life."

The University of Nebraska Public Policy Center conducted the survey. A non-random survey with the same questions was available on the City Web site, and those results when will be included in the Public Policy Center's final report.

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