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June 3, 2010
For More Information Contact:
Nicole Fleck-Tooze, Planning Department, 402-441-6363

Mayor Announces Launch Of Comprehensive Plan Update

Mayor Chris Beutler today announced the beginning of an intensive process to consider what our community will be like in the year 2040. The City-County Planning Department is leading a major update to the City-County Comprehensive Plan and Long Range Transportation Plan called "LPlan 2040."

The plan will reflect the City and County's common vision of the future. It will address how the community will grow, and where and how citizens will live, work and travel in a way that is sustainable for future generations.

"During the past few months, we have taken a hard look at the near term priorities for our community which will help us work through a very challenging budget for next year," said Mayor Beutler. "But now is also a critical time to step back and deliberate on big decisions for the longer term, for both Lincoln and Lancaster County." The Mayor also announced the formation of an advisory committee comprised of the nine members of the Lincoln-Lancaster County Planning Commission and 11 other citizens to help guide the process. (see attached list). The group will work over the next year to assist in drafting a new Comprehensive Plan that will be released next summer.

The Mayor's announcement marks the beginning of an extensive public process to get input on the City and County's future plans that will last up to 18 months. The Planning Department has already begun some public outreach through a survey of the community's opinion on various planning issues. More input is sought through an on-line version of the survey which will be posted through June on the City-County website at

There are many other ways for the community to get involved, including:

For more information, visit or contact the Planning Department at 441-7491.

LPlan Advisory Committee Members
June 2010

Carolyn Chamberlin Business/Health
Michael Cornelius Planning Commission
Scott Ernstmeyer Education
Dick Esseks Planning Commission
Wendy Francis Planning Commission
Leirion Gaylor Baird Planning Commission
David Grimes Farmer
Randy Harre Business
Tom Huston Attorney
Bill Langdon Commercial realty
Roger Larson Planning Commission
Jeanelle Lust Planning Commission
Patte Newman Neighborhood
Jim Partington Planning Commission
Mike Rezac Builder
Dennis Scheer Design
Cecil Steward Sustainability
Lynn Sunderman Planning Commission
Tommy Taylor Planning Commission
Donna Woudenberg Natural Resources

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