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June 21, 2010
For More Information Contact:
Erika Nunes, Engineering Services, 402-441-5675
Terry Genrich, Parks and Recreation, 402-441-7939

West Van Dorn Pedestrian Bridge Closed

The West Van Dorn Pedestrian Bridge over the Haines Branch of Salt Creek closed today. Continued deterioration of the structure since the 2009 inspection has made it unsuitable for use as a pedestrian bridge. This section of the Bison Trail, which runs between Pioneers Park and Van Dorn Park, will remain closed until funding is available to remove and replace the structure. No trail detour is available.

The West Van Dorn bridge was built in 1936 and carried vehicular traffic until the late 1990s when the new Homestead Expressway interchange shifted the street to the north. The bridge and part of the abandoned street were converted for trail use in 2002.

The City Public Works and Utilities Department inspects bridges in the City every two years on a rotating basis.

For more information, contact Erika Nunes, Public Works and Utilities Department, 441-5675 or Terry Genrich, Parks and Recreation Department, 441-7939.

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