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July 8, 2010
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Mayor Proposes Alternatives For Funding Programs

Mayor Chris Beutler today announced proposed changes for the City Forestry Division, community events, StarTran and other programs that will save a combined $635,762 in the tax-funded budget. The changes are included in the Mayor's proposed budget for the 2010-2011 fiscal year that he will present to the City Council Monday, July 12.

"Today's program announcements represent a new way of looking at an old problem," Beutler said. "By thinking creatively about funding, personnel use and management structure, we can save taxpayer dollars that in turn fund higher priority program smart budget moves during tough economic times."

The changes include the following:

"By looking at the budget with an eye toward how we can change, we ensure the survival of programs, even if the model for service delivery is altered," Mayor Beutler said. "Everyone realizes that the economy has forced some tough choices on all of us. Our focus in City government must be on maintaining key services while preparing for the opportunities ahead."

The Mayor encouraged the public to look at the prioritized list of City programs at (keyword: taking charge)to see why these programs were chosen for changes. The list is part of the City's transition to outcome-based budgeting.

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