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July 20, 2010
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Three City Unions Agree To Lower Retirement Match

Mayor Chris Beutler today announced that three of the four City civilian unions have agreed to change the the City employee retirement plan to a $1 to $1.29 match for new employees. The unions are:

"Many Lincoln residents have seen their employers cut back on salaries and benefits," Mayor Beutler said. "They have heard about three straight years of City budget cuts and a fourth on the horizon. They question the City's priorities. No one should question the priorities of the LCEA, ATU and M Class unions. They understand the challenges faced by the City in solving the budget's structural problems and have agreed to participate in a piece of the solution."

The Mayor said the change will save 20 to 25 percent in retirement costs for each employee hired after the contracts go into effect September 1.

The three unions represent about 800 of the 1,260 City jobs outside of Police and Fire. The fourth civilian union - the Public Association of Government Employees (PAGE) representing "blue collar," clerical and technical workers has rejected the City's offer and plans to take the issue to the State Commission of Industrial Relations, which mandate that compensation be determined by comparison with similar cities. The Lincoln Police Union and the Lincoln Firefighters Association Local 644 participate in a separate pension plan.

The City currently contributes $2 for every $1 contributed by employees in the retirement plan. The City is unable to legally change the retirement match for current employees.

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