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July 23, 2010
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Second Bridge Closed In Wilderness Park

No cause yet for Wednesday bridge failure

Following an inspection by the City Public Works and Utilities Department, a second pedestrian bridge was closed today in Wilderness Park. A 65-foot bridge over a tributary between Densmore Park and Salt Creek was closed due to bank erosion. The bridge is on the south side of the former Rock Island railroad line.

Mayor Chris Beutler ordered the visual inspection of all pedestrian bridges in the park following Wednesday's structural failure of a bridge about a half mile north of Saltillo Road. The cause of that failure has not been determined. Officials continue to review the results of an inspection and the original plans for the bridge. The bridge dipped about 12 to 15 feet in the middle while about 20 day campers were crossing it. No serious injuries were reported.

Mayor Beutler has directed the Parks and Recreation and Public Works and Utilities departments to complete their review of the City's inspection program for all pedestrian bridges.

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