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November 2, 2010
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Channel 5 To Re-air Show Featuring Sorensen

A "Live and Learn" show featuring former presidential aide Ted Sorensen will re-air this week on Time Warner Cable (TWC) channel 5, the City's government access channel. Sorensen, who died Sunday, was a Lincoln native who became a chief aide, speech writer and adviser to President John F. Kennedy. "Live and Learn" host Ruth Ann Lyness, who attended Lincoln High School with Sorensen, interviewed him for the one-hour show in November 2008.

The show is scheduled to air on 5 CITY-TV at these times:

The show also will re-air on TWC channel 10, another government access channel, various times through Monday, November 8. The show also is available through video-on-demand on 5 CITY-TV.

"Live and Learn" is produced by 5 CITY-TV for Aging Partners. Anyone with programming questions or viewer comments is encouraged to call the 5 CITY-TV feed back line at 441-6688.

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