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December 29, 2010
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Arena Project Website Launched

The public is now able to access information on the City's new arena and the entire West Haymarket Redevelopment Project at a new website — Mayor Chris Beutler said the website is a bold approach to keeping the public informed on the project, and he said it will help the project team accomplish several major goals, including maximum transparency.

"The public will be able to access all documents, reports, studies, RFPs and Joint Public Agency information," Mayor Beutler said. "They'll see news updates, photos, videos and information on the many project partners. The website will allow the public to become engaged in the project through polls as well as e-mail and social media feedback features. This dialogue will provide invaluable information for us as we move forward with the project."

The Mayor said the website also will serve as an "ambassador" to potential investors as well as future visitors. "The website will energize future patrons who will be able to share their ideas on the kinds of entertainment and amenities that will draw them to the Capital City," he said.

The West Haymarket Joint Public Agency (JPA) contracted with Thought District, a local brand and sales strategy company, to create the site. Thought District CEO and Partner Eric Dinger said the website will continue to be a work in progress.

"We will use feedback from visitors to to help us make changes and additions to the site," Dinger said. "The site will grow as the project grows, with new photos, video and information being added on a daily basis."

JPA information has been posted on the City website at That information is now available on both websites. The City website also has a link to

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