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March 17, 2011
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Camp To Introduce One-To-One Retirement Match Monday

One-to-one match proposed for Mayor, Mayoral Aides and Department Directors

Councilman Jon Camp today announced he will introduce a one-to-one retirement match for the Mayor, mayoral aides, and City department directors as part of Monday's public hearing on proposed changes to City employee pensions.

"City leaders should lead by example," said Camp. "When their retirement plans are more comparable to the private sector, it sends the right message while still providing our future city leaders a fair pension."

Under Camp's plan, City department directors and mayoral aides hired after May 1, 2011 will put 6 percent of their salary into the retirement plan that the City will match. The Mayor's position would also have the same pension match but would go into effect at the start of the 2015 mayoral term.

Camp believes the plan is a reasonable approach. "After many discussions with Lincoln citizens and my City colleagues, I believe we have created a win-win situation," he said. "Taxpayers will benefit from a reduced pension match without undermining the compensation commitments we have made to the current Mayor and directors. It treats everyone fairly and moves us closer to our goal of a one-to-one retirement match."

Mayor Chris Beutler praised Camp for finding a solution. "Jon pulled people together and found consensus," said Mayor Beutler. "His common-sense approach is real progress on an issue that concerns many taxpayers."

The pension changes proposed by Camp are the latest in a series of changes that have occurred since the fall of 2010. Contract negotiations with three of the four civilian unions led to a reduction from the two- to-one retirement match to a 1.3-to-one match. The fourth union chose not to accept the proposed match which led to the City and the union going to the Commission on Industrial Relations to settle their contract impasse.

In March, Mayor Beutler introduced a plan to the Council to give newly hired City department directors and mayoral aides a 1.3-to-one retirement match. After discussions with Camp, Beutler agreed to the Councilman's proposed substitute amendment for a one-to-one match.

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