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July 19, 2011
For More Information Contact:
Captain Joy Citta, Lincoln Police Department (LPD), 402-441-7239

Changes in Alarm Ordinance Now in Effect

City public safety officials encourage alarm businesses and those using alarm systems to be aware of recent changes to the City's alarm ordinance.

Effective June 1, revisions to the alarm ordinance (City Code Chapter 5.56) include:

Changes to the alarm permit fee structure are:

The false alarm fee is now $100 for each false alarm after the first three in a one-year period (previously $100 after the first six false alarms in a two-year period). The fee increases to $250 for each false alarm after eight false alarms in a one-year period (previously $250 for each false alarm after 15 in a two-year period). Individual users and businesses have 30 days to appeal assessments of special fees rather than 10 days, and the appeal board now meets monthly instead of on an ad hoc basis.

The criminal penalty for having an alarm business or an alarm system without a permit has been removed and replaced with a civil fine of $100 for every false alarm when the alarm system or alarm business is not registered.

For more information, contact LPD Captain Joy Citta at 402-441-7239 or LPD Records Manager Heather Baker at 402-441-7757.

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