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July 21, 2011
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Derek Cunz, Mortenson Construction, 763-287-5850

Arena Subcontractors Selected

Mayor Chris Beutler announced today that the West Haymarket Arena construction team of Mortenson Construction and Hampton Construction has selected the subcontractors that will provide designer assistance services.

"We promised the citizens of Lincoln that we would do our level best to ensure that local labor was used in the construction of our new arena," Beutler said. "We are pleased that the Mortenson- Hampton team shares our belief in the importance of using highly qualified local labor and local companies, and their selections today reflect that commitment to our City."

The Mortenson-Hampton team issued eight designer assist bid packages for the first round of work. "The best value selection process has allowed us to focus on getting the best price and the most qualified team with a focus on local participation," said Derek Cunz with Mortenson Construction. "We're excited to have these highly qualified, locally-focused subcontractors join the arena team to help keep the project on budget."

The concrete superstructure work will be self-performed by the Mortenson-Hampton team (Minnesota/Lincoln). The subcontractors selected are:

One additional bid package for structural steel has yet to be determined.

"Our team's goal was to have a competitive process that allowed us to ensure that local businesses and jobs were a major consideration for the arena, and we're thrilled with this result," said Bob Caldwell of Hampton Construction. "We know that this is an important project for Lincoln, and this selection ensures that Lincoln and Nebraska firms are part of the project"

The selection process started with a major project outreach and education event on April 27th in Lincoln that attracted more than 350 participants. The multiple pre-submission meetings held in May were followed by the submissions of firm qualifications, the short-listing of qualified proposers, detailed proposal submissions and interviews. The West Haymarket Joint Public Agency (JPA) was represented throughout the process, including the opening of proposals and the subcontractor interviews.

The subcontractor interview score sheet and list of the firms who responded to the bid packages can be found at the West Haymarket JPA's website at

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