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September 5, 2011
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Snyder Announces Council Resignation

Urges community to invest in future

Jayne Snyder today announced her resignation from the Lincoln City Council due to health reasons, effective at 12:01 a.m. Sunday, September 11. Snyder was elected to her at-large City Council seat in May 2009.

"Jayne has had a profound influence on our community's progress as a Council person, a community leader and a successful business person," said Mayor Chris Beutler. "She has been both a passionate advocate and a conciliatory leader, a combination that has been extremely effective on the Council. She will be missed."

Snyder pointed to the improvement of Lincoln's business climate as one her proudest achievements during her time as a City leader. "Lincoln is a great place to do business because we have sped up the process and found a way to say yes to new jobs and new development," she said. "As a long-time business owner, my goal on Council was for City Hall to be as responsive as my business is to my clients." Snyder has owned and operated Snyder Physical Therapy PC since 1990.

Snyder was a key advocate in support of the Lincoln Haymarket Arena in the 2010 campaign. Her leadership on the issue led to her appointment as Chair of the West Haymarket Joint Public Agency (JPA) overseeing the project. During her tenure, the JPA was able to save tens of millions of dollars by consistently coming in under projections on bond sales and other spending and revenue issues.

Snyder has been a life-long advocate for Lincoln's trails system and continued her support as a Council member. In 1991 Jayne and others purchased the land that initiated the MOPAC East trail project. Her continued leadership was critical in the efforts to develop the entire Great Plains Trails Network (GPTN). Snyder raised $2.5 million dollars in support of the network. In recognition of her efforts, the City Council voted to name the trails center in Union Plaza for her. The Jayne Snyder Trails Center is part of the Active Living Center now under construction.

As a health care professional with a successful practice, Snyder has been a strong advocate for health care policy. She served as a member of the Lincoln-Lancaster County Board of Health and worked tirelessly on health care access issues for low-income residents.

"It has been my great privilege to serve the people of Lincoln," Snyder said. "I am proud of what we accomplished together and believe we have created a brighter future for Lincoln. I urge the community to continue the legacy we have established. We must possess the wisdom to see that a strong economy and good jobs are the key to a high quality of life. A strong economy is what makes possible our investments in schools, neighborhoods, parks and trails, the assets that make Lincoln a special place to call home. It is the formula for a great city, one that must continue beyond my time on the Council."

Snyder said she wants her replacement on the Council to reflect her concerns and her values. "It is imperative that we have strong, experienced leadership," she said. "I am hopeful that my successor has the ability to bring people together and find the compromises that allow us to move forward. I want a person of strong character with the resolve to fight for what is right, but who will still work cooperatively with all people, without regard to politics or personality."

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