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November 4, 2011
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Terry Genrich, Natural Resources/Greenways, 402-441-7939

Trail Users Urged to Take Steps to "See and Be Seen"

With daylight saving time ending Sunday, November 6, the Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department and the Mayor's Pedestrian/Bicycle Advisory Committee encourage residents to take steps to "see and be seen" when using the trails. With sunset at an earlier hour, it is important for bikers, joggers and walkers to wear reflective clothing or use some form of lighting. A trail user who can't be seen poses a significant threat to the safety of all other users on the City trails and streets. It is also recommended that trail users carry cell phones in case of an emergency.

Proper equipment and clothing is available at all bicycle shops and most running apparel stores. Many options are available including vests, flashlights, blinking shoes, flashing lights, reflective strips and arm bands.

More information on the City Parks and Recreation Department and the Great Plains Trails Network (GPTN) is available at and

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