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November 15, 2011
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Milo Mumgaard, Cleaner Greener Lincoln, 402-441-7376
Carolyn Douglas, LES Corporate Communications Coordinator, 402-473-3266

As Lincoln Energy Challenge Ends, Kilowattchers Website Unveiled

Mayor Chris Beutler and Kevin Wailes, Administrator and CEO of the Lincoln Electric System (LES), today kicked off kilowattchers™ , a new website promoting energy efficiency. Beutler also thanked area residents for participating in the Lincoln Energy Challenge, a program of the Mayor's Cleaner Greener Lincoln initiative.

At, area residents can learn how to save money and energy and reduce their impact on the environment. The website includes information on implementing energy-efficiency measures in all cost ranges, from replacing standard light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) to installing insulation. Visitors to the website will be encouraged to accept energy-efficiency challenges and then learn about that challenge's impact on energy usage, bills and the environment.

The Lincoln Energy Challenge, which ran from January through August 2011, encouraged residents to "get comfortable saving money" through energy savings and upgrades, and 1,920 people pledged to save energy. More than 5,000 free CFLs were distributed, and more than 200 energy check-ups were conducted by trained volunteers and professional energy auditors. Individuals, neighborhood associations and schools earned energy-saving prizes for their energy saving actions, and dozens of households received rebate checks for installing energy efficient furnaces, insulation and other improvements.

"As the City wraps up the Lincoln Energy Challenge, we want to continue to challenge residents to reduce their energy use, save money and reduce their carbon footprint," Beutler said. "LES' kilowattchers™ website is a great next step. It provides a great opportunity for the City to again partner with LES and its customers to promote energy efficiency and sustainability."

"Kilowattchers is the next in a long series of energy sustainability efforts initiated by LES," said Wailes. "From our wind turbines northeast of Lincoln, to our hybrid cars and truck, from our Sustainable Energy Program that incentivizes participants to use energy wisely, to our plans to utilize gas from the City landfill to produce renewable energy, we are committed to promoting sustainable energy practices throughout the greater Lincoln area."

In addition to the challenges, the website will feature:

More information on LES is available at, and more information on Cleaner Greener Lincoln is available at

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