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December 21, 2011
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Arena Work Temporarily Suspended Because of Rebar Issue

Builders assure delay will not impact cost or completion date

Mayor Chris Beutler and the West Haymarket Joint Public Agency (JPA) today announced that work on the new Pinnacle Bank Arena has been suspended until Tuesday, December 27 because of an issue with the reinforcing steel or "rebar" from the supplier. The delay is necessary because it will take about one week for the replacement rebar to be fabricated and delivered by the supplier, Drake-Williams of Omaha. The Pinnacle Bank Arena is being built by Mortenson Construction-Hampton Enterprises.

The Mayor said the design and construction team discovered the problem in the normal course of construction when a couple of the bars failed. The team determined that the rebar was improperly bent in the fabrication shop. Because the failure was unusual, the rebar was sent to an independent lab, and preliminary testing showed that the rebar did not meet the required specifications.

"Everyone at some point has purchased a product from a store that did not work properly. Just as you would return the product and ask the store to make it right, the City and the JPA will be asking the rebar supplier to make it right. You can count on that," Mayor Beutler said. "Mortensen and Hampton assure that this will not impact the completion date or increase the costs of the Arena. We are still on time and on budget."

No one was injured as a result of the rebar problem. The project's structural engineers, Buro-Happold and DLR, as well as other firms have already begun an analysis to determine how much of the completed work will need correction. When construction resumes Tuesday, workers will focus on building new portions of the foundation with the correct rebar.

"Our team uncovered this problem in the early structural phase of construction. It would have been a much greater problem if discovered in a later phase," Beutler said. "They are to be commended for their quick action. Mortensen and Hampton have made worker safety and the structural integrity of the Arena their top priorities."

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