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November 14, 2012
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Eskridge Announces Process to Replace Hornung

City Council Vice Chair Carl Eskridge today said the process for appointing a new Council person will be "fair, balanced, and open to any Lincoln resident who wishes to apply." City Council Chair Adam Hornung announced his intention to resign prior to the next City Council meeting November 19th. Eskridge will become Chair after Hornung's resignation.

Eskridge said the Council rules allow for a nomination by each Council member and Council vote, but State law dictates that either the Mayor or City Council Chair nominates candidates for Council vote. He said the process used when the late Jayne Snyder resigned in 2011 was an effort to reconcile the language of Council rules and State law.

"To ensure we follow State law while still recognizing the spirit of our Council rules, I believe we should adopt the same process used previously, but with some modification to encourage more people to consider serving," said Eskridge.

Eskridge offered the following process and timeline for replacement:

"Adam Hornung has been an outstanding Council member. He has been strong and passionate advocate for a variety of issues. He has served his fellow citizens honorably and with distinction. Adam has contributed to Lincoln's growing national reputation as a great place to live and do business. He will be missed. Lincoln is fortunate to have a number of outstanding individuals who could serve the City well during remainder of Adam's term. I am confident this process will give those people an opportunity to be considered and still meet our state and local requirements," Eskridge concluded.

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