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December 27, 2012
For More Information Contact:
Marvin Krout, Planning Director, 402-441-7491

New Mapping Application Provides Information on Associations

The City website now includes an interactive web mapping application which identifies the boundaries and contact information for neighborhood, homeowner and other similar associations. The information is available at (keyword: neighborhoods). The Neighborhood and Homeowner Associations Viewer was a joint project of the Lincoln-Lancaster County Planning Department and City Urban Development Department.

The Planning Department uses the information to notify neighborhood leaders of public hearings on proposed development projects. The web application now makes the information available to other City departments and agencies, prospective developers and others to contact neighborhoods about their projects and programs.

To add your association to the map and contact list, send an e-mail to with the following information:

A neighborhood association is a group of neighbors who gather, share ideas and work cooperatively to improve their neighborhood. Membership is voluntary and open to anyone who lives in the area. The Urban Development Department registers and maintains contact information for neighborhood associations. More information on becoming a neighborhood association is available by e-mailing

A homeowners association requires homeowners to be members as a part of a covenant included in their purchase agreement. These are usually set up by the subdivision developer to provide maintenance fees for common areas. The Planning Department maintains contact information for homeowner associations. Its list is not all-inclusive, but is based on information voluntarily provided to the Planning Department.

This new application joins a family of other viewers which provide City and County information on zoning and development plans, tax assessments, natural resources, and historic preservation.

The new viewer is part of a broader update of the Planning Department webpage, which has been reformatted in a more readable and better organized format, with text added to explain the various programs and activities in the department, and a calendar of upcoming board meetings.

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