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August 9, 2018
For More Information Contact:
Jeff McReynolds, GIS Program Manager, 402-441-6155

Updated Online GIS Viewers Now Available

The two most used online Geographic Information Systems (GIS) web mapping resources for the City of Lincoln and Lancaster County have been updated. The maps are located at (keywords: gis viewer and gis development). Both the GIS Viewer and GIS Development Viewer sites are interactive mapping applications that provide a variety of data such as ownership, parcel boundaries, zoning and land use information.

Jeff McReynolds, GIS Program Manager, said the improvements improve accessibility on mobile devices and provide better integration with imagery. The changes also allow users to create custom maps and to upload user date to overlay with City information.

The City's Information Services Division worked with the County Assessor's Office and the City-County Planning Department on the project.

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