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August 9, 2018
For More Information Contact:
Wade Foreman, Lincoln City Golf Business Coordinator, 402-441-3862
Casey Crittenden, Golf Course Maintenance Coordinator, 402-441-8962
Bill Krueser, UNL Turfgrass Science, 402-472-1869

Ager Golf Course Closures Start Monday

Reseeding project offers savings and research opportunities

The Ager Learning Golf Course, 3761 Normal Blvd., will be closed for fairway reseeding on the following dates: Monday, August 13, Thursday, August 23 and Wednesday, September 5. The practice putting green and driving range will remain open on those days. Cart traffic will not be allowed on the fairways for one week after the September 5 seeding, weather permitting.

The bluegrass will be replaced with creeping bentgrass to reduce disease and weed issues and to reduce costs by using less water and nitrogen throughout the year. The course partnered with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Turfgrass Program this year to provide apprenticeships for students preparing for careers as golf course superintendents or field managers.

"Establishing the creeping bentgrass in an actively used course like Ager allows our team, including graduate students, great research opportunities," said Bill Kreuser, Extension Turfgrass Specialist. "We expect annual savings of $2,000 to $7,000 for the course with this turfgrass conversion project. The creeping bentgrass can tolerate management conditions better than the bluegrass that is currently established at Ager. This leads to a uniform turf stand during summer stress with less water and fertilizer expense."

"Ager has had periodic partial fairway overseeding during its 53 years, but our partnership with UNL is giving us the first opportunity to complete a total establishment of a different type of grass in the fairways," said Casey Crittenden, Golf Course Maintenance Coordinator. "The age of the existing turf has led to ongoing diseases and weed issues, and our team is looking forward to the changes within the fairway starting this fall."

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