Greater Lincoln Workforce 2017-2021 WIOA Plan

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2017-2021 WIOA Plan
The 2017-2021 WIOA Plan guides both the American Job Center and the Greater Lincoln Workforce Investment Board in efforts to help participating workers get and keep good jobs and to help businesses get and keep good workers.
Cover and Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Chapter 1. Economic and Workforce Analysis - Regional Component
Chapter 2. Vision, Goals, and Strategies - Regional Component
Chapter 3. Workforce System - Integration of Strategies and Services - Regional Component
Chapter 4. Operating Systems and Policies - Local Component (WIOA Title IB Only)
Chapter 5. Performance Goals and Evaluation - Local Component (WIOA Title IB Only)
Chapter 6. Technical Requirements and Assurances - Regional and Local Components
Attachment 1: Signature Sheet - Regional and Local Plan
Attachment 2: Agreement Among Local Area CEO's
Attachment 3: Agreement Between Local Board and CEO
Attachment 4: Assurances
Attachment 5: Lead Local Board Bylaws
Attachment 6: Lead Local Board Membership Roster
Attachment 7: Lead Local Board Membership Optimum Policy Making Authority
Attachment 8: Lead Local Board Standing Committees
Attachment 9: Lead Local Area Organizational Chart
Attachment 10: List of Required and Optional One-stop Partners
Attachment 11: Memorandums of Understanding
Attachment 12: One-stop Operator Sole-source Procurement Process Documentation
Attachment 13: One-stop Operator Agreement
Attachment 14: Proof of Publication of the Public Notice
Attachment 15: Public Comments on Plan
Attachment 16: WIOA Grant Agreement
Attachment 17: WIOA Grant Agreement Signature Sheet
Attachment 18: WIOA Title IB (Adult, Dislocated Worker, and Youth) Program Budget, Participant, and Exit Summaries
Attachment 19: Policies and Procedures for WIOA Title IB (Adult, Dislocated Worker, and Youth) Programs
Attachment 20: Continuity-of-service Plan
Attachment 21: RFP Specifications
Attachment 22: City-Board-CEO Agreement