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"F" Street Community Center

Drop-in Programs

"F" Street Community Center is a drop-in facility and these programs are offered free of charge. Children may come and go as they please, with the exception of 5-9p on weekdays. Center staff cannot stop children from leaving the property. If a child leaves, they are no longer under our supervision. "F" Street staff will not give any child permission to leave our property. Children often leave on their own to purchase snacks at the restaurant and store across 13th street. Please discuss your expectations with your child.

Drop-in Hours
Adults: 8a - 3p; 7 - 9p
Middle/High School: 4:30 - 9p

Weekend hours are for all ages at all times. Kindergarten and younger must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Telephone Use
Our telephone is a business phone. We allow children to use the phone in emergency situations, to call for rides, and to check-in. All other calls need to be made from the pay phone.

Center Facilities

The weight room is for high school students and above only and has a fee of $3/day. Children are not allowed on the second floor without a staff member.
We have an indoor gym, an outdoor basketball court, and an outside play field. Equipment is available for check-out. If a piece of equipment comes back damaged or lost, that person is responsible for replacing the exact item. Participants are welcome to bring their own equipment. Any video games brought to the Center must be rated "E" for everyone. The Center and its staff are not responsible for lost or stolen items. We cannot hold or watch personal items. Bikes cannot be kept in the building and it is strongly recommended that you provide a lock for your child's bike.

Field Trips
We go on several field trips throughout the school year. It is necessary to have a signed waiver for transportation. Please fill out the waiver at the Center.

Children kept home from school or sent home from school because of illness should not come to the Center. If your child does not feel well, please do not bring them. It is an unpleasant situation for the sick child, other participants, and the staff. Due to public health concerns, children who get sick while at the Center need to be picked up immediately. Hand washing stations are placed throughout the Center. Children will be shown how to properly use these stations.