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"F" Street Community Center

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Homework Room: Assist elementary students with homework Monday-Friday from 3-4p.
  • Enrichment Clubs: Plan and lead activities for elementary age youth, Monday-Friday from 5-6p.
  • Dinner Assistance: Help set-up for 4:30p evening meal, serve and clean up, Monday-Friday.

Volunteer Hours
Volunteer hours are available Monday-Friday. A minimum time requirement of 1 hour is necessary to volunteer. Volunteer positions and hours may be limited based on the need of "F" Street Community Center.

“F” Street Community Center accepts volunteer hours for various community programs. If you are interested in volunteering please call to set up an appointment with Dorothy, JT, Rick, or Ryan.

Volunteer-Led Programs
Volunteers have created, coordinated and implemented a number of programs including: Karate, Crafts, Beat Club (music), Chess, Track, Photography, Juggling, Hip Hop, Step (dance), Spanish, and Yoga.

When planning and programming, please keep in mind the many options our facility has available: Dance Studio, Art Room, Indoor Track, Kitchen, Cafeteria, In-door Gym, Outside Play Field, Outside Basketball Court, Computer Lab, Classrooms, Digital Cameras and lots of supplies and equipment!

The A-B-C's of Volunteering include everything from:
A - art to archery
B - bead jewelry to board games
C - cooking to chess
D - dance to double-dutch
E - engineering to environment
F - friendship bracelets to first aid
G - guitar to greeting cards
H - homework to hula hooping
I - imaginext to ice skating
J - juggling to jump rope
K - knitting to karate
L - lacrosse to legos
M - magic to music
N - nail painting to nature
O - optical illusions to origami
P - painting to photography
Q - quilting to quiz games
R - reading to robotics
S - sewing to science
T - track to technology
U - UFO's to un-birthday parties
V - videography to volleyball
W - writing to wall climbing
X - xylophone to xeroscaping
Y - yoga to yo-yos
Z - zoology to zone defense