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Irving Recreation Center

Facility Rentals

Did you know you can rent Irving Recreation Center for your next birthday party, family gathering, meeting, social event or club? Call our 402-441-7954 for information.

Equipment Rental
Make any event more fun with our Picnic Loan equipment rental program. Quick, affordable rentals of all your old-time favorites: BINGO, bocce, croquet, gunny sacks, horseshoes, parachutes, tug-of-war, water coolers and plenty more! Call 402-441-9754 for more information

Court Reservations

Reserve one of our Basketball or Volleyball courts online at

Half-Court Fee: $15/55 min  |   Full-Court Fee: $30/55 min
April 1 through Oct 31:
Days: Monday- Thursday   |   Time: 5:00-5:55pm, 5:55-6:50pm
Nov 1- March 31:
Days: Monday- Thursday   |   Time: 5p-5:55pm, 5:55-6:50pm, 6:50-7:45pm
Days: Saturday   |   Time: 1:05-2pm, 2:05-3pm, 3:05-4pm, 4:05-5pm
*No Saturday basketball starting April 1

Fee: $16/55 min
Sept 1 - Nov 5
Days: Wednesday   |   Time: 5-5:55pm, 5:55-6:50pm

Weight/Fitness Room Hours
Our fitness room is stocked with Airdyne Exercise Bikes: a great workout for all fitness levels and rehabilitative uses.
Fee: $1/visit
Ends March 31
Days: Monday - Thursday   |   Time: 5:00-8:00pm
Starts April 1
Days: Monday - Thursday   |   Time: 5:00-7:00pm
Ends April 30
Days: Saturday   |   Time: 1:00-5:00pm

Current Program Guide

Click to download the full program guide for contact information, hours, prices and facility rental info.

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