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Saline Wetlands Conservation Partnership

Although several existing programs have been recognized to address saline wetland conservation needs, they alone have not been enough to ensure the long term protection of this endangered resource.  Thus, the Saline Wetland Conservation Partnership (SWCP) was created to offer additional protection and management of the state’s diminishing saline wetlands.  The SWCP is unique in its approach to preserve and restore the integrity of Nebraska’s Eastern Saline wetlands in that it takes a partnership approach to address the conservation of saline wetlands and the needs of the community.  In 2002, the City of Lincoln received a $750, 000 Nebraska Environmental Trust (NET) grant for the implementation of the Eastern Saline Wetlands Project to meet the further conservation needs of Nebraska’s Eastern Saline Wetlands.  The initial an inter-local agreement was signed in 2008 between the City of Lincoln, Lancaster County, Lower Platte South Natural Resource District, The Nature Conservancy, and the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.  The agreement specified these entities, as full-share partners, to establish the Saline Wetlands Conservation Partnership, and draft and implement a conservation plan for the Eastern Saline Wetlands.  Further funding for the Partnership has been provided through Nebraska Environmental Trust grants and state and federal funding programs.  

The current (2018) full-share partners include the City of Lincoln, Lower Platte South Natural Resources District, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, and the Nebraska Chapter of Pheasants Forever, Inc. These partners work together on activities to conserve Nebraska’s eastern saline wetlands.

The Implementation Plan for the Conservation of Nebraska’s Eastern Saline Wetlands was completed by the Partnership in 2003 and was updated in 2018.  The plan is a holistic watershed approach designed to preserve both wetlands and their surrounding watersheds, and its implementation involves local, state, and federal agencies working in concert with private individuals and organizations to develop additional strategies and programs that encourage saline wetland conservation.  The Plan’s Goal is “No net loss of saline wetlands and their associated functions with a long-term gain in sustaining wetland functions through the restoration of hydrology, prescribed wetland management, and watershed protection.” To meet this goal the Plan includes Comprehensive Strategies that address:  

    Partnership Management
  1. Coordinator
  2. Education and Outreach of Community
  3. Planning and Coordination
  4. Priority Conservation Plan
  5. Funding
  6. Taxes
    Natural Resource Management
  1. Wetland Protection
  2. Stream Restoration
  3. Wetland Buffer Management and Development
  4. Research
  5. Private Lands
The Plan highlights seven landscape objectives to establish projection and restoration targets for the conservation of about 4,000 acres of saline wetlands in Lancaster and Saunders counties. 

The implementation of this plan is the primary responsibility of the SWCP’s full-share partners.  To ensure the success of the plan, full-share partners are often required to work closely with other partners and private land owners.  Other partners have contributed to the SWCP through their support of Nebraska Environmental trust grants awarded in 2002, 2005, 2008, 2012, and 2016 by providing resources for the conservation and restoration of the Eastern Saline Wetlands. 
These partners include:

The partnership utilizes several strategies, including purchase of wetlands from willing sellers through fee title acquisitions or conservation easements, initiating wetland and stream restoration projects, and actively managing saline wetland property.