Lancaster County  
City of Lincoln & Lancaster County
Human Resources Department

County Personnel/Human Resources Policy & Information


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Personnel Rules
Lancaster County Personnel Rules
Appendix A

Personnel/Human Resources Policy Bulletins
Alternative Housing for COVID-19
Breastfeeding Policy
Catastrophic Illness Leave Donation
Commercial Driver's License
Disabilities and Accommodations in Employment
Drug Free Workplace Act
Election of Personnel Policy Board Members
         by Classified Employees
Electronic Devices Policy
Employee Assistance Program
Family & Medical Leave
     Employee Guidebook
Infectious Disease
Internet & E-Mail Usage
Loss of Driving Privileges
Military Family Leave
Natural Disaster Leave Donation Policy
Overtime Pay Policy
Paid Pandemic Leave; Emergency Paid Sick Leave;
         Emergency Family and Medical LeaveNew
Reduction in Force Policy for Non-Union
         Classified Employees

Use of Cellular Phone
Vacation Usage Upon Retirement Policy
Workers' Compensation Policy
Workplace Response to COVID-19New
Workplace Violence Prevention Policy

Commissioner's Award of Excellence
Application PDF Format

Evaluation Manual

Payroll Deductions & Holidays
Payroll Deductions & Holidays Card 16K

Safety Policies
Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure (889K) (County)

County Board Benefit Resolutions


Salaries for Elected Officials for 2019 - 2022 Term
Salaries for Election Commissioner and
          Deputy Election Commissioner for 2019 - 2023 Term
Annual Salary Increase for Chief Deputies (2020)
Annual Salary Increases for Appointed Directors,
          Assistant Directors, Bailiffs, The Child Support
Salary Schedules for Deputy County Attorneys &
          Deputy Public Defenders
Salary Schedules for Deputy County Attorneys &
          Deputy Public Defenders - Attorney II
Salary Schedules for Deputy Sheriff Captains
Salary Schedules for District Court Staff Attorney
2019 - 2020 Annual Cost of Living Wage
          Adjustments for Unrepresented Classified County
          Employees, Attorney I & II, Deputy Sheriff
          Captains and District Court Staff Attorneys
Market Increase to the Salary Schedules
        for Attorney I & II
Psychiatrist Pay Rate


Pension Contributions for Non-Union Employees
Post Employment Health Plan Contributions for
          Unrepresented and Unclassified Employees
Benefits for Unclassified County Employees
Post Employment Health Care Plan for Deputy
          Sheriff Captains
Benefits for Deputy Sheriff Captains in the
          Unclassified Service
Waiving waiting period for health and dental benefits
          upon rehire after retirement
Medical Benefits for Employees on Military Leave
Elected Officials Benefits
Waiting Periods for Benefits
Disposition of Sick & Vacation leave for employees
          going to Elected Position


Changing the Name of the Lincoln-Lancaster County
          Personnel Department to Lincoln-Lancaster County
          Human Resources Department
Establishing a policy of making payments of salaries
          and reimbursable expenses to County Employees
          by Electronic Funds Transfer or a similar means of
          Direct Deposit
Establishing the Mental Health Crisis Center
          as a Separate County Department
Policy and Procedures for payroll deductions and
          distribution of documents
Reduction in Force Policy for Unrepresented
Smoke free facilities and designated smoking areas
Smoke free facilities, offices, vehicles, and

City Of Lincoln/Lancaster County
Drug/Alcohol Testing Program & Policy

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
(FMCSA) Department of Transportation (DOT)
NON-DOT Drug & Alcohol Policy

Federal Drug/Alcohol Regulations
49 CFR Part 40 - Procedures for Transportation
        Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs

49 CFR Part 382 - Federal Motor Carrier Safety
         Administration - Controlled substances and alcohol
         use and testing

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